Monday, October 8, 2012

Things are starting to look a little crazy....

This year has never been busier!
I was looking at my timeline for the last 3 months of yr 2012,
and i'm so excited over what's in stores!

Apart from the crazy engagements for weddings/events,
i've been busy preparing for.... wait for it...
I won't be revealing much for the time being,
but i'm gonna start slow & steady with my intimate showcase at Crazyworld cafe (:

I'll keep my mouth shut for now!
Meanwhile, here's what i've been busy with over the past few days...

Morning Rehearsal for my 14Oct Crazyworld Showcase! 
We were all still sleepy at 11am.

Happy me at Swee Lee with the spanking new 
Roland BA-330 battery operated portable speakers! 
Unfortunately i had to bring it back for refund after testing it 
cos the instrument sounded compressed with my vocals :( 
Otherwise it was an absolute darling with the great sound, 
all operated with only 8 AA batteries! damn.
 The speakers were bought for a reason!! 
Fatt and i went for an audition!!
Cross my fingers that we get through....

Celebrated Alfred's "sweet sixteen" at Switch!
He sure was high after 12 shots that night thanks to staff from Switch!

Groupshot with the Switch Gang!
Left to right; Bicep keyboardist Bryan, Guitarist Ronald, bassist Alan, and drummer Luke!
 Some friends who came!
Tat on the left got cut off, Kewei my sis, guitarist Jez and his friend!
Caught Alfred, Donnie & Matt's showcase at Livehouse!  
Their 80s-90s ballads got everyone reminiscing about the good'o days 
of andy lau, jacky cheung etc.! 
What a great show!

Rochester Mall Oktoberfest Performance 
Ma! Look! Me on the Rochester flyer!
If you received me in your mail, please don't use me as a coaster!! lol

I never had the chance to take a picture with myself...
This lovely shot was taken by percussionist/photographer Daniel Ho from OneClickWonders!

Animal Day Performance 
Trust the folks from Thunder Rock School to put up a rockin' performance for the animals!
They are a bunch of professional musicians with a BIG heart
to educate the masses about animal welfare (:
These kind people organized the whole charity out of pure love for the animals,
trust me they are not making a single cent out from this project!

Thanks Evonne for the picture!
I was in charge of 2 societies - Humane Society and Mutt & Mittens.
These organizations need your help in volunteering and donations!
If you're interested, do Check out
and for more information!
Thanks also to Evon for the support (:  

More exciting weeks to come!
I'm sooo looking forward to my showcase on 14 Oct!

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