Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm a Stardust Alumnus!

Stardust is an annual nationwide talent-search competition organized by the NUS Business Club,
it has been been ard ever since 1990!

So I was a contestant in 2008,
and this year, i'm proud to be back as guest performer for Stardust 2012 (:

The first song we did was an original written by Deon (http://deontohmusic.com/)
I personally really loved the song the first time i heard it, 
and i'm seriously looking into including it as one of the tracks in my upcoming EP.

This was the demo he recorded with another talented girl,
it's on my repeat playlist!
Click to listen! Grow Up (Preview)

I also took the chance to take my first English original single,
"One-Way Train", for a test drive!!
It's not even recorded yet but i really wanted to 
see people's reaction to the song for honest feedback..

Here's a teaser and acoustic version of "One-Way Train"..
Still working on perfecting the track!  
Please give chance! 

Looking back in year 2008,
the singing competition was so much fun..

After making it through to the semis, 
i got a chance to step into a recording studio, 
my first time, and evidently so! 
Listening to myself back then is like slapping my face a million times now.. 
i cringe... ewww haha

And i must say, 
looking at my ghastly hair & getup during the finals back then, 
is even more cringeworthy hahahaha
but in my own defense i was actually dressed for the song.. 
"Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin was my choice for the Finals..
And i came in 3rd! 

My friends made an underwear poster for me 
cos i was affectionately known as "taycor" in secondary school..
i know right, it's dumb haha
but i love these girlies! 

The NUS Jazz Band peeps, 
how i miss those days (: 

Thanks Stardust for the awesome effort put in throughout the year (: 
Definitely an exciting competition this year to watch out for! 

To find out more, visit their facebook

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