Saturday, April 30, 2016

#JetSetKex in Bali, The Yoga Barn!

It was the first week of the year 2016,
and i had really wanted to treat myself to a birthday trip. 
So just 5 days before take-off,
i found myself booking a trip to Ubud, with my soul-sista Serena no less!
Off we went on a spiritual journey!

We had only 2 things on the list - Yoga and scaling Mount Batur! 

The Yoga Barn 

I did my research on the existing yoga packages offered in Bali and found them all grossly overpriced!
I didn't need luxurious massages not sumptuous meals. 
All i wanted was to deepen my yoga practice, immerse myself fully in nature's embrace, 
and start 2016 with a clear mind. 

I was seeking for inner quietness and peace. 
So instead of going for Yoga Retreat packages, Serena and i bought a 10 class card with The Yoga Barn and completed them within 3 full days in Ubud! 

The place is BEAUTIFUL. 
It's located right in the wilderness and provides a very conducive environment for your yoga practice. 
We reached the yoga barn to find a bunch of people making floral mandalas on the ground 
to celebrate the beginning of their teacher training course. 

The completed mandala! 

Check that the yogi over there.
Be warned, The Yoga Barn is for serious hipsters with blossoming chakras. 
They will stop at nothing to reach deep within their spiritual selves, 
even if it means not shaving for days
(true story, we were bodily contorted with a hairy angmoh during acro yoga class). 

This was kinda what the class schedule looked like. 
Registration of classes only opens 30 minutes before class, based on first come first serve. 
So be sure to put your kiasuism to use and arrive early for registration, 
cos some popular classes can get filled up very quickly! 

There were a couple of classes which i found pretty intriguing, 
one of which is the Tibetan Bowl Meditation session. 

Tibetan Bowl Mediataion 

I've always had an interest in mediation, 
but i am too active to put my mind to rest. 
So this was interesting as it was a guided meditation session, 
where we were told to lie down on my backs and close our eyes. 
The yogi then gave us clear instructions on where to put our focus on, 
and with the help of the vibrations from the tibetan bowl, 
it was surprisingly easier to enter into a state of calmness. 
The singing tibetan bowls apparently clears and balances the chakras. :D

A typical day at the barn.
We squeezed as many as 4 classes per day, 
and it was actually pretty exhausting, especially when we had to push ourselves when our bodies were aching from previous practices. 

It was difficult to have heavy meals with the classes packed so closely to each other, 
so we were very happy with The Garden Kafe located inside Yoga Barn.
It's a haven for all health-nuts and i love it! 

They offer a huge range of healthy food including vegan, raw food/desserts, gluten-free items, even ayurvedic menus!

So this ugly thing here is Raw Hummus with Flax Crackers.
It contains sundried tomatoes with cashew hummus served with veggie and flax crackers. 
I found it absolutely yummy! But then again healthy food is my thing. :D

So yes, i namasted my way for 3 days. 
We had so much fun exploring the different classes, 
meeting all sorts of hipsters from around the world, 
and listening to motivational stories told by crazy-eyed yogis. 
It was overwhelming at times, but mostly both amusing and inspiring. 
We deepened our practices and expanded our minds to accept different things; 
a truly eye-opening experience i will never forget! 

Our humble abode - Den Den Mushi!

Our place was perfect. 
It's very affordable, and only a short 5 mins walk away from The Yoga Barn. 

There is also a nice balcony in front of our room for us to have our breakfast at every morning.

Check out the view!

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on Mount Batur in the same trip!

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