Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Weekend Rendezvous with Lady Saigon [Day 2 - Cafe Hopping, Alternative Art Area, Seafood Feast]

Day 2,
it was cafe-hopping day!

Lunch before viet coffee...
gotta try pho ga in Vietnam!! 

3A Alternative Art Area 

Over here, you can find street art, graffiti walls, galleries, 
and a bunch of hip cafes and bars. 
Great for all instagrammers to shoot a week's worth of photos! 

This place is actually made up of 3 abandoned warehouses built in the 19th century during the French Colonization!
Today, it has been converted to a popular place for art bazaars and weekend markets! 

Youngsters striking their best instagram pose.

Kujuz Cafe and Juice Bar!

Cafe Le Saigonnais

Though this classic old-fashioned cafe is located right in the heart of saigon, 
it is not entirely easy to find. 
You gotta watch out for the cafe sign.

Take the stairs up...

The moment we opened the door, 
we were greeted by the warmth of the sun rays streaming in the from the windows. 
It was like discovering a secret hideaway!

Hipster bikes, 
tattered and torn brick wall...
yeap this should be the place! 

Got ourselves a plate of chicken wings and sticky rice!


Unlike the previous cafes, L'Usine is more upscale
and serves European cafe classics like salads, sandwiches and pastas etc. 

You gotta walk through a alley first, before taking a flight of steps up to the cafe. 

We decided to do explore the shop located in the cafe itself. 

Designer saigon items for sale!

La Rotonde 

Our last cafe stop is truly an oasis located at the intersection of a busy street.

It has a east meets west theme and I love how natural light streams into the cafe.
It is entirely different from the rest of saigon, 
and in my opinion perfect for chilling out!

Lang Am Thuc 3cu

Dinner time! 
Shups brought me to a local place for seafood and boy was it cheap! 

Come here for an authentic vietnamese seafood feast experience!
The vietnamese love sitting on their low chairs and tables. 

Check this out for the address!

So apparently their Coca Cola contains
stir-fried wild boar......

Let's feast! 

And that was day 2 for me, 
loads of coffee, 
loads of food, 
and great time spent with my dear friend! <3 

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