Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Roadtrip to Melaka!

Spontaenous roadtrip FTW!! 
It was my first roadtrip in Malaysia that is further away from JB 
and the jam was so bad it took us 6 hours to get to Melaka -_-

Roadtrip Snacks for the looong drive..
I almost forgot about Mamee Monster and the packet of seasoning powder!! 
So unhealthy it brings back nostalgic childhood memories hehe
I forgot what it's like not to care about what i eat.. Those were the days!

We pretty much got to Melaka at night and headed for Jonker Walk!
Tastefully tattered and torn LW Nyona Pineapple Tarts Sign :)

 World's largest pineapple tart!!!
Standing strong after 2 months! 
Let's see how long it will last before i turns sour.. 
Outdoor karaoke!
People took turns to sing on the stage 
by telling the DJ their song choice and taking their queue number..

I love all these carbs!!

One Bite Durian Puff!!
It's apparently one of the must-eats along Jonker Walk, 
and the trick to tasting it's full greatness was to put the whole puff in the mouth, 
and feel the rich creamy durian puree burst within!!
I am not a durian fan, but i thought it was amazing!! 

Karaoke in a temple

Ringo Classic & Antiques Pub!
We wanted to stop by to chill out a bit over beer
and were attracted by the rowdy crowd and happening live music scene in this particular pub.

When we finally found a seat, 
we saw the same uncle (Ringo) who just performed clearing the tables and taking orders. 
So apparently Ringo runs the place on fridays and saturdays all by himself!
He performs and entertains as a one man band, takes orders & cleans the tables..
Even the antiques and pictures on the walls were his personal collection.
He claims that some of his collection was sold to the vintage bars/pub in Singapore's Clarke Quay area..

Rocking his set with classic evergreens, english mandarin and even current pop songs! 
He was singing Hai Kuo Tian Kong by Beyond and got everyone high!

It was really funny because it reached a point when the crowd would do a loud YAM SENG 
after each song instead of doing the usual clapping lol!

With Ringo da man!
I gotta say his beret was the saving grace. 
Without it he would have looked like any ordinary uncle..
Ringo got style.

We headed back to Jonker Walk next afternoon! 

My favourite ice-cold white teh tarik!
Bought from Lao Qian Ice Cafe.
Head there for Durian Chendol if you're there!

Another must try - Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball!
We were so full i didn't get to try it :( 

Jonker 88 for Nonya Asam Laksa!!!

I absolutely adoreee Nyonya Assam Laksa!!!
It's lighter than the usual Singaporean Laksa because it doesn't contain coconut milk, 
but the sour spicy broth gives the palate a powerful punch.
The sourness came from the strong tamarind flavour and was reaaally appetizing & stimulating.
Other ingredients include shredded cucumber, onion, boiled eggs and fried beancurd skin etc.
Completed with thick vermicelli noodles to add on to the variety of mouthfeel.

Ah Mah Fishcake Counter!!
Located right next to the Laksa counter, 
i didn't even know what i was ordering because there wasn't much instructions to follow. 
So i just went with the auntie's recommendation and saw her pick a few variety of fishcakes, 
before throwing them into the oil for deep frying. 

Deep fried golden fishcake variety :D

Eight Precious Chendol!
A ball of shaved ice topped with gula melaka and santan (coconut milk)..
dug deeper and found a treasure chest of dessert goodness omg T_T
Sweetcorn, red bean, attapchee and PEANUTS.
I swear the peanuts added a million points to the chendol 
because of the contrast in its texture (crunchiness) and taste (saltiness)!!

Our foodie trip must end!
I wish i hadn't eaten so much during meals so that i could stomach all the amazing street food :(
Till next time! 

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