Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Go Beach, Bali!

What a action-packed short getaway in Bali!
We maxed out the full 3 days with midnight mountain trekking, sunset surfing, white water rafting,
poolside chilling, bar hopping and food hunting!!!
And that wouldn't have been possible without my girlfriends #travelbuddiesforlife!!!

My Bali Trip Highlights!

Villa Clochette Jln Batu Belig, Gang 7A

Villa Clochette is situated right at the edge of Seminyak area.
This 2 bedroom open concept Villa comes with a private pool, outdoor kitchen and shower!
And i must say i absolutely love the serenity of the garden area :) 
The downside? Plenty of mosquitoes, lizards and erm, a croacking frog.

Stepped into the wilderness of our open concept Villa!

Hello private pool :) 

Our little garden with sundeck chairs. 
There was a Indonesian style wooden cabin set in the corner of our living space
and i have no idea what it was for.
To be honest it kinda freaked me out because the cabin was locked... hahaha

Our bedroom with mosquito nets :) 

Open concept bathroom where i bathed under the stars at night! 

There was a pool front kitchen so we bought eggs.. 
Whoop!!! Homemade breakfast by the pool :D 

Rock Bar @ Ayana Resorts 

This is a MUST GO if you're in Bali, 
simply because of the CRAZYYY Sunset view you get over the Indian Ocean. 
It reminded me a lot of my previous experience in Santorini
and i bet you it's the nearest you can get to such a magnificent view near Singapore!!

It's located in Ayana Resorts near Jimbaran and ayana guests get priority to the bar! 
The bar doesn't take reservations so you gotta queue up! 

Rock bar sits 14m above the Indian Ocean at the base of the towering cliffs,
So we had to queue for an inclinator to bring us down :)
Well the view made the wait all worthwhile!!!

The bird's eyeview of the bar below! 

Perched on top of the limestone cliffs above the Indian Ocean :)

Everyone's got their brollies fanned out cos the sun was beating down mercilessly lol

My favourite travel buddies!

Front row seats to nature's screenplay!

Potato Head Beach Club 

 Great Music, Ambience, Daybeds to laze on, and a pool to take a dip in...
Perfect for chillaxing the night away.

Cheers to 9 years of friendship!

Whoohooo day beds!!

White Water Rafting @ Ayung River 

I think we chose the perfect time to go Bali because it was off-peak season, 
and we had the raft all to ourselves. 
Our raft guide had a lot of fun teasing us, 
making us fall backwards like idiots by bumping against rocks.
And best of all, he took so many pictures of us!! 

We got off the boat many times to swim and floated on our backs to enjoy the wonders of nature, 
as we got carried downstream by the riverflow :)

After an hour half of rafting, 
we alighted and traversed past a padi field with paddles still in our hands.

Sunset Viewing at Uluwatu Temple 

I have been to Tanah Lot, and i thought the sunset there was great. 
But trust me, THIS is even better!!! 
I was so stunned by the beauty of the sunset and i didn't even make it to the highest point!!

My first sharing the sunset view with my pre-evolved beings... the monkeys!

 Surfing @ Double Six Beach 

The last time i surfed, i fell in love and thought i would never get to do it again.
That was 4 years ago in San Dieo Pacific Beach, 
and back then i was doing a student exchange in UC :D

Look at the amaaaazing waves!

Me, 4 years younger with my exchange buddies! :D 

 So anyway i was absolutely thrilled when i got to try surfing again!! 
We went for classes at around 4pm and it was sunset, 
so the weather was PERFECT.

I wish there was a way for me to capture the indescribable sensation that i felt,
during those moments of in-between;
Between watch the towering waves approach while lying on the surfboard,
and conversations with myself just before the board gets pushed by the tidal forces of the water. 
That brief gravity-defying moment gripped me, 
and made me fall in love with surfing :) 

Surfing is like life.
The quest for the perfect run keeps us going. 
It may not be easy to achieve, but we try again and again.
Sometimes the conditions are right, 
Sometimes we get defeated by our lack of confidence, 
or Sometimes the waves are simply too big for our skills to handle. 
At times we fall and get engulfed into the deep, 
but we always resurface and come back stronger.
And finally, one day, we will learn to stand up tall and ride the waves back to shore. 
But this doesn't happen all the time, 
so the thrill is in the quest for a perfect run.
Every, single, time :)

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking 

A complimentary banana pancakes & teh-o breakfast at 2am.

I didn't have pictures of my trek up because i was busy 
We had nothing but a torchlight to save our asses trekking in moonlit conditions
so when the sunrays finally lit up the skies with a warm glow, 
we stopped in our tracks when we saw what was in front of us.

Absolutely beautiful.
And to think we were trekking right next to this all the while.

It was like a sneak peak of the summit, so we pushed on!!
Decked in the right gear for the climb.. Thanks to kind sponsor Hummel Sport!! 

Sad to say, it was a cloudy morning and there goes our sunrise view :(
The best scene that we caught was this, 
a very muffled and brief version of the golden yolk :(

Reached the peak and saw more clouds.. and monkeys chilling out with their folks on rocks.

Saw many hipster ang moh trekkers.

Breakfast was complimentary and included an egg cooked with volcanic steam & a sandwich.
Unfortunately all of our brekkies got snatched away by the (hungry) monkeys and 
we were left with hot tea to keep us warm :'(

Mission Accomplished! 1717m tall! 

The clouds parted and revealed an AMAAAZING view!!!

 Then we began our descent...
We felt really amateurish watching people zoom past us downhill like it's a stroll in the park

Saw some chilli fields along the way, and plucked one out to eat hurhur
It tasted like.. capsicium.

I'm already thinking of my next surfing and trekking trip!!
How was YOUR Bali experience? Share with me!!!

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