Monday, February 17, 2014

Performance with the SMU Chinese Orchestra!

I am really honoured to have performed for the SMU Chinese Orchestra annual concert! 
And this time, i was personally invited by my ex-conductor, Mr Quek Ling Qiong,  
all the way back from secondary school 13 years ago!!

We had a short rehearsal before the performance, 
and it definitely brought back fond memories of my Chinese Orchestra days. 
Mr Quek has truly always been our favourite conductor; 
he has this sense of humour which makes group practices always enjoyable, 
yet he knows exactly when to be strict with us so that he can command the respect he deserves.
He sure knows how to work his way around students! 

I was very blessed to have my kind sponsors - 
Hairstyling - J7 Image (it lasted literally from morning till night!!)
Red Gown - La Belle Couture

I absolutely adore my gown! 
It fits me to a T and guess what, it was not altered at all!
It came from their latest Petite Series and was godsent :) 
I am always very apprehensive towards long gowns but 
the kind folks from La Belle gave me a lot of assurance. 
They also found this piece which had a slit at the thighs so that it creates an elongating effect :) 
Just what i needed! 

Groupshot with the Orchestra! 

One with Mr Quek before we hit the stage! 

We had a short banter in between songs and Mr Quek as usual, 
made me cracked up on stage :) 

The most amazing part of the night was when i got to sing my original 勇敢証明
with the whole Chinese Orchestra!!!
Mr Quek was very supportive when i proposed the idea of doing my own song, 
and i felt really grateful because it takes a lot of work to rearrange a pop song into an orchestra version!!
Mad mad props to the arranger Dayn for the excellent job!!
I had such a great time singing it live against the Orchestra!!!

We ended the night with a 梁文福 Liang Wen Fu Medley, 
and this was me leading the whole crowd with the song 小人物的心声

Backstage Post-Concert; 
Thank you Elvia for being such a wonderful liaison officer office throughout the process! 
She made sure i was well taken care of all the way, 
and even carried my gown etc. 
Thank you Elvia i love you!!

One with the arranger of my song - Dayn Ng!!!
Thank you for your wonderful rearrangement of my song 勇敢証明,
it was so much more than what i've imagined it to be :) 

Last but not least, Mr Quek Ling Qiong!!
I never thought out paths would cross again 13 years later :) 
I'm so inspired by your dedication and passion for your craft, 
one could only imagine how much hardwork and time you have put in 
to build a vibrant arts community, 
and to preserve traditional Chinese music. 
A huge THANK YOU, 
you have no idea how much impact you have made in my life as a performer!
And for that, i will continue to strive to be a better artiste, 
just like you :) 

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