Sunday, May 19, 2013

A note to self - post David-Tao Concert 2013

it's 1230am,
i just came back from my first experience with the David Tao World Tour 2013
Concert held in Shanghai,
and i gotta say, my life has just been opened up to a brand new world.

The musicians i met,
the superstar David Tao himself,
the crew that worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the entire concert.

Everybody is a professional, working at bringing the top of their game to the show,
and it just dawned on me how lucky it is for me to be part of the whole experience.

Not only did i enjoy my time musically,
I had a lifestyle wakeup call from a week in Shanghai.
My daily routines centered around the show,
i had a fixed schedules unlike in Singapore where i would be less disciplined at time management,
and i realized how important it is to be organized and structured.
Not only was i more motivated to work,
i even pressured myself to workout and be less lazy about things despite having less time.

I spent less time in China on facebook because it was banned,
and instead spent more real time connecting with people,
listening to their stories and experiences working with other incredible stars..
I learnt so much and I was so happy.

I didn't have to worry about my position as a singer,
whether i even have a shot at stardom,
whether all my efforts have gone down the drain,
whether i would last in this industry...
I was focused on doing one thing,
and that was to do a damn good job for DT so that i don't let him down,
i don't let the audience down.

And while i'm at it,
i'm worried because that means i'm going to be missing out on Singapore.
Will i be soon forgotten? I don't know.

But it is a shot that i chose to take,
and everything comes at a price.
Who is to say that you can have everything in life?
Just gotta have faith,
keep moving,
and i will find a way..

Last Year, i chose to launch my EP.
This year, i choose to continue to grow as an artiste by learning from the best in the industry.
Wait for me singapore, i'm gna come back stronger, better.
This i promise you (:

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