Thursday, March 7, 2013

Because great stories were born out of tough times - 21Feb GET SET GO Showcase @ Esplanade Waterfront

I was honoured to be given the stage at Esplanade Waterfront as part of HUAYI Festival (: 
I have done several shows there, but always as part of another group,
so i was really excited to finally have the stage to myself, 
for my newly released EP, GET SET GO! (:

I was all geared up for the show, 
until one day before, i was struck with fever. 
I couldn't even make it to rehearsal without feeling dizzy and weak :( 
Thankfully, i managed to regain 80% of my health come show day..

I couldn't have asked for a better band setup, 
with Fatt kew my busking buddy and 
James Yeo my producer for my English Original "Someday You'll Be" :D

The one and only Guitarist & footdrummer - 
Mr Fatt Kew! 

James Yeo working his magic, 
one layer of keyboard is not enough for him haha
On a sidenote, Special thanks to Chee Wee from Five Stones Visuals 
for taking some amazing shots during my performance, including this one (: 

It was a very personal show for me, 
i sang songs which played a part in influencing my musical taste, 
songs which stirred bittersweet memories of my past,
and of course originals from my album (:

 I also shared some insights on my love life and how it inspired me to compose, 
my journey as singer - 
from a little girl in secondary school who had to sing behind curtains because i wasn't pretty enough, 
to discovering my passion when i first stepped onto stage during AJ Idol, 
to joining the NUS Jazz band, 
and finally making music as a music professional (:

I managed to complete one set of performance, 
but come 2nd set, the weather started to take a bad turn.
The wind was blowing very strongly when i was belting out my emo ballad, 

And then it started to pour real heavily, 
the rain was splashing onto stage,
but all of us were midway into the song! 

I have no idea why i looked so happy here, 
but i think i was amused that the rain had to come at such a sad song hahaa

I honestly didn't know what to do when it started to pour,  
i had to continue with my song, 
but at the same time, there was a lot of commotion going on, 
the rain was getting into the audience's seats & i saw them squeezing together.
When they finally settled down, I was so touched.
Instead of leaving, many of them took out their umbrellas, 
those without huddled together in the rain to watch me sing. 
那一幕,令我非常感动 T_T

I had to end off my performance because it was too dangerous to continue 
with the rain splashing on all the musical equipments.. 

Amazingly (again), many stayed back,
bought my album and even got me to sign on them T_T

It could've been smooth-sailing, 
but it wasn't, and the rain brought out a different side of people that i never knew existed. 
就好像在向我说 “加油”,

希望下次的演出不要下雨 please!!! 

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