Monday, April 9, 2012

AJ Idol.. 6 years ago & now (:

You know whenever people ask me about how i started singing, i always quote AJ Idol '06 as the beginning of everything.

It was the first time i ever took part in a singing competition, 
the first time i stood onstage performing to a full audience,
and the first time i realize that i could actually sing. 

And even though i often chuckle at the mention of it, 
i owe everything i am today to back then
because it was my first step into singing, and i never looked back since (:

I wish i kept photos of the competition back then :( 
I joined AJ Idol '06 with a dear friend of mine, Jessica, as a duo,
and we named ourselves "153.5".. 
no prizes for what it meant.. it was our average height. lol.

Thankfully i still have this introduction video that was played before we went onstage for the finals. 
oh memories!

So imagine how excited i was when Ms Zhu (my JC form teacher) invited me back to be the Judge and guest performer for AJ Idol '12! 

I totally enjoyed the experience, 
& i really could not bring myself to criticize the contestants (i was told that i was a paula abdul ) 
partly because i couldn't believe the amount of talent showcased at such a young age!

My view from the judging table

Fellow judges, (left to right)
Adeline Lim, piano instructor
& Celine Jessandra, founder of CJ Dance School that specializes in Korean dance (:

A group shot with the performing students and AJ Idol committee! 
Great job to everyone, it's my honour to be back in AJ again! 

My jc friends came back to support me as well (*touched!). 
And these are the girls i took the devilish A'levels with, 
girls i travelled Europe on a backpack with for 1.5 mths, 
girls that stood by me after so many years (: 
LOVEE them! 

My girls & Ms Zhu on the far right hand side (my JC form teacher) 

The seed of passion was planted 6 years ago, 
in the comforts of a school tucked away at yio chu kang. 
Today, the seed continues to grow, 
i don't know where i will end up, 
but i know i've found my passion, and a reason to live for (: 

I hope everyone finds their seed of passion, 
and pursue it, fight for it, 
cos you never where it will bring you 6 years later (: 

p.s: awaiting performance photos from the AJ Idol committe (: 

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