Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All aboard! A Yacht trip out to Lazarus Island :)

To celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary of friendship,
plus birthdays of 2 of my girls,
we hopped on a boat and sailed out to Lazarus Island,
like ballers on a Monday morning.

We booked the 4 hours slot from 9am to 1pm and set sail from Sentosa Cove on a Catamaran.

Bye Sentosa Cove...

Meet our Skipper for the day, June! 
He was awfully helpful and did all the dirty job of inflating our floats
and even saved those that drifted out to sea (more on this later). 


"When the boat rocks, rock with the boat." 
Says the uncool chick who was hanging onto her dear life when the boat hit choppy waters lol. 

It was a feast on board, 
with meals specially prepared by our dear Chew :D

The yacht trip wouldn't have been complete without the floats!!!! 
They are absolutely ESSENTIAL for any pool parties or day out at sea,
and for that i'm so glad i got The Donut Float :D 

It's a float rental company with a great selection of floats for you to choose from!!! 
I went a little crazy choosing the floats cos they are all so cute!! 
[Check them out on 
Instagram @TheDonutFloat, 
Email: askdonut@gmail.com, 
Contact: +65 9815 0553, 
Rental prices ranges from $10-$20 per week!]

I ended up with - 
The Pink Flamingo, The White Swan, Pretzel and Hotdogs complete with Mayo & Ketchup bottles!!!  

The rental comes with an electric pump, but it took pretty long to inflate the floats,
simply because they are enormous and we had so many to inflate lol.

It did not help that our pink flamingo kept wanting to escape.
I swear we were so afraid we would lose it,
but June bravely kayaked out to sea and rescued  the poor birdie back HAHA.

The Pink Flamingo

The White Swan 

Hot Dog Mayo and Ketchup!! 
Pardon the obscenity.. 

While we were not looking...
June took the liberty of cam-whoring with OUR CAMERA.
Doesn't he look lovely sitting on those perfect dogs? HAHAHA.

And Pretzels!! 

Cheat day. 

We basically spent the whole day paddling around on the floats,
rescuing those that wandered out into the peripherals, 
and trying to balance on the hotdogs (i fell into the water and lost my shades doing so T_T).

Watching others rescue pinkie the flamingo..

My turn at pinkie rescue operations..


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