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Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ & The Samsung Gear S: A Review!

I'm going to be upfront about it,
I have always been an iPhone user and I've never thought I would make the switch to an Android phone. 
I thought it would be a daunting experience 
and I didn't want to go through all the hassle since i've settled for Apple already. 

But when the opportunity arose for me to experience the Samsung GALAXY Note 4, 
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for me to adapt and make the change! 
I'm now an Android convert, thanks to Samsung! 

The Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ 

4G+ whuut?

Simply put, blazing fast LTE connectivity of up to 300Mbps.
That's twice the speed of LTE Cat 4 with fast browsing and speedy content download at 1/2 the time
plus Crystal clear voice calls!

Introducing some cool features of the GALAXY Note 4 4G+

First Quad HD SUPER AMOLED display

Looking at my screen is no longer a flat experience but one so immersive 
because of the brilliant colours and super sharp details. 
The trick?
An adaptive display that automatically optimises saturation/contrast levels for true to life colours!

Here are some photos taken straight with the GALAXY Note 4 4G+,
mind you these are all NON-FILTERED!!
I simply switched on the Real Time HDR function and that's when the magic happened!
Pictures alone speak a thousand words!

Selfie with the beautiful sister on her wedding day!

Also a selfie with my dad before our special performance item during my sis' wedding! 

Family Portraits! 
Taken during one of the most beautiful wedding dinners i've sung for at the SEA Aquarium!
(Psst, you can click here to read more about this amazing wedding!)
Isn't the photo quality amazing?

Food photography!
By the way, this Yakitori set lunch @ Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant was amazeballs!!!
It's located at Far East Plaza, go for it!!!!

Adorable pets!!
I found them swinging happily one fine morning while I was working out..
So cute i had to stop mid-crunch to play with them!!

Autumn leaves in Dalian, China!
This was taken when i went for a David Tao Tour in Dalian :)

I found some amusement rides in the middle of a park in Dalian :) 
The colours and weather was perfect and the phone just captured everything in its full glory!!

The Sea! 
I went on a beach holiday in Krabi recently and i absolutely love how the camera was able to capture
the change of the intensity of colours in the waters :)

Smart OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)

...means Shake Free Photos & Videos, exceptionally ideal for low light situations!

So I tried taking a car selfie one night under very low light conditions,
and i was really surprised how the longer exposure time has helped pulled light in
to make details in the darker shadowed areas seem clearer!

NYE Fireworks Selfie!!

Wide Selfie

Group Narcissism has just reached another level with this 
amazing function from the GALAXY Note 4 4G+. 
It has an ultra wide 120° angle lens which you can pan to capture an obscene number of people in one single shot! 

Instead of trying to fit more people in one shot, 
me and my friends got creative with the angle and took one like this!

Photo Note 

This one is pretty impressive.
It allows you to convert Analog information to a Digital format,
in other words, you can take pictures of flat surface info (for e.g handwritten notes or graphs)
and transform them into editable images in the S note!

This is really useful for me because I have a habit of jotting down random lyrics 
when inspiration hits.
 The problem is I would sometimes lose those pieces of paper
or find it troublesome to type it into word doc :(
With the Photo Note app on the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+, 
I can now take a snapshot of the handwritten lyrics, 
and it will be converted into a digital version which I can edit/manipulate in the S Note app!! 

So I tried it out, added some doodles and Tadaahh!! 
I can now keep all lyrics in a folder on my phone!! 

You can do the same with a whiteboard of graph, or a recipe in a magazine etc. 
Amazing huh? 

Content and Services
1) GALAXY Gifts - Over $900 worth of content and service.  
2) GALAXY LIFE - A Loyalty reward app with specially curated privileges, celebrity tips and relevant editorial content. For example, you can get one FREE scoop Ben & Jerry's ice cream from now till Feb 16 or while stocks last

Samsung Gear S 

There are a couple of similar watches in the market, i.e. apple/pebble watch, 
but none that syncs so perfectly with the phone itself, 
and i guess that is why the Gear S has an edge over the other competitor products.

Samsung Gear S key USPs

1) Always-On Connectivity 
Imagine Calling, messaging and surfing the internet without your phone. 
Gear S keeps you connected at all times! 
It can be done so either via Bluetooth pairing with your smartphone or 
it can be used it as a standalone Gear S with 3G connectivity. 

With the 3G connection, the Gear S can make/receive calls, 
send/receive messages using on-screen keyboards or the Voice Recognition keyboards!

The Gear S is also complimented by a myraid of choices for the widgets 
(e.g Contacts, Schedule, Weather, S Health, Music Player, Settings etc.)

2) Perfect Fitness Companion 
I'm quite a fitness fanatic and i found this really useful for tracking my physical activities!
With the Enhanced Pedometer, the Gear S automatically tracks your sitting time 
so that you know when it is time to get up and go for a walk. 
It also informs you when you have reached a healthy walking pace!
The Smart Sensors and GPS also makes it easy for me to track my long distance runs :) 

Here i set my workout goals in terms of calories burnt! 

More amazingly, there is a Coaching and Feedback system which 
provides feedback during my workouts so that I can track my progress towards my personal goals.
It kept me motivated when I have attained my goals 
and also helped me compare my progress based on detailed reports on my previous activities!

3) Gear App Ecosystem  
The Gear App Ecosystem is so comprehensive that it allows you to access over 1,000 optimised apps to enhance your experience with the gadget! 
It is also friendly with over 1,000 optimised 3rd party apps like Nike+, Facebook etc. 
Be amazed by Gear S' capabilities! 

Samsung Gear S is available at $498 (without Contract) and in 2 colours - Blur Black and White.

Learn more about both devices at
If you need help switching from your current device to your new GALAXY Note 4 4G+, check out

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