Thursday, March 27, 2014

30Mar NAC ExxonMobile Concert in the Park!

Pack your picnic baskets and prepare your mats,
and come down to the Botanic Gardens for an afternoon of Classical Pop with me!!
I'm super excited about this performance because it will be my first
with an all-girl classical pop band set up!!

Featuring Ein ein on keys, Lim Hui on Violin & Annabelle on flute, 
we will be performing from 6-620pm!!

You can expect songs like Let It Go from the Frozen Soundtrack, 
You Raised Me Up by Josh Groban & 
I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserable! 


Post-Show Updates 

It was my very first all-girl band and we had to make sure it all sounds good :) 
Took to the rehearsal studios one day before!

The theme for the performance was "Classical Pop", 
and though i can't belt like Pavarotti, i decided to take on a more Josh Groban approach
and picked a couple of more popular numbers.

Introducing the Dream Girls - 
Ein ein on keys, Lim Hui on Violin & Anabel on flute! 

I simply looove the Shaw Symphony Stage! 
There' so much to rave about it, 
from its beautiful lake divider to the leaf-shaped stage shelter :)
I swear i saw fishes leaping out of the pond during rehearsal and it felt so good!

Sharing the stage with me that evening was Vox and the 
Singpore Lyric Opera Children's Choir! 

No performance pictures yet but this was taken after the performance!
Just look at the crowd! 
It was such a great feeling seeing them picnic on the lawn, 
enjoying the breezy sunday afternoon with their loved ones :) 

Me and myself from 2 years ago.. 
i didn't age did i? hehe 

Another one with my dream girls!! 

I have to thank J7 Image again, 
my trusted hair salon for the ethereal hairstyling!!
They created a bump on my hair to hold the floral crown.
You can't see it from the picture but that was the magic of their hairstyling! 

Over the past few months, i've experimented so many hair colours
and they always turn out to be better than i ever imagined :) 
Jeft, my hairstylist, is also always very reassuring and took great care of my hair condition.
He knew that i wouldn't like compromising the health of my hair for the colouring effects, 
and did a lot of treatment to save it from its previous distressed conditions lol
Overtime, the j7 family has not only become my go-to for hair woes, 
they've become my friends :) 

Visit them, especially if you are looking to experiment with hair colours :) 
They have a lot of other great services which you can explore! 
Most of all, they are bunch of really friendly and personable hairstylists 
and i'm sure they'll make you feel comfortable and confident of their service with just one visit! 

J7 Image 
Far East Plaza #02-14 

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