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[Part I of my typhoon'ed trip] Taichung Night Markets & Cafes!! 台中夜市吃吃吃!

A week back from Taichung,
i'm slowly easing myself back into a healthy lifestyle,
because being fat & happy was so damn easy in taichung.

5 days of night-market food and cafe hunting in the mornings,
those adventurous fats were so worth it.
I only spent 2 full days in taichung so i don't have an extensive list of eateries,
but i do hope my entry helps in your foodhunt :D
(because sometimes reading mandarin taiwanese food blogs can be so tiring to the eyes!!)

I'll let the pictures do the talkin'!
Feng Jia Night Market 台中逢甲夜市
If you're in taichung you wouldn't miss the most 道地 food haven... 逢甲夜市!
There really isn't much to recommend for night market food because everything is so damn delicious!
So go on, explore your night away and put your tastebuds to some exercisin'!

Sweet Potato Balls 地瓜球

This has got to be one of my favourite snack.
It's chewy and not too deep fried and the portion is just nice :D 


So many people raved about this sinful pack & i had no idea what it was.
I thought it was some sausage-ception thingy going on, you know sausage in a sausage?
Turns out it is just like a hotdog, except that sausage is wrapped in glutinous rice with veggie toppings. 
This carbo bomb is then grilled over fire to give that extra oomph.
Interesting and definitely tasty :D 

Make sure you queue for 官芝霖‘s 大腸包小腸, any other brand wouldn't be as delicious.
But then again, it wouldn't be hard to miss because the queue is sooo long.
TIP: The queue is only for its 1st stall. Right opposite is the 2nd stall, 
which usually has much less people but they sell the exact same things, by the same owners :D 

Fried Assortment of Mushrooms in a cup!
杏運杯 - 杏鮑菇,鮮香菇,金針菇, 秀珍菇
A tad too fried in my opinion,
the bigger piece of 杏鮑菇 tastier because of its mushroom juice :D 

Fried Chicken Cutlet 
86 碳烤雞排 & 甜不辣

Fried Noodles on Bread 

This was such a hot favourite among the taiwanese!
Partly maybe because it was patronized by the taiwanese hosts from lifestyle programme 食尚玩家.
The food concept originated from japan, where the bun is toasted to crispiness, 
then veggies added, ending off with fried noodles as toppings. 

Yam dessert 芋泥
Yam paste (or commonly known as orh-ni in singapore) only exists in liquid form in Taiwan. 
We had the drink added with honey dew sago.. 贊!

The 芋圓綜合 was even more mind-blowing (much better than the black ball in singapore)
with 芋圓 + 番薯圓 + 芋頭 + 珍珠 + 紅豆。。
omg sugar rush and gone to heaven :)
Taiwan is choke-filled with quaint cafes and the perfect ambience.
Spending your weekend afternoons with friends over coffee would be fantastic at these quirky spots,
but i wouldn't say much about the quality of their food ;)

Forro Cafe B&B

Forro is a beautiful little cafe tucked along a narrow street.
I heard about it because of its live music acts every saturday :)

Breakfast coupons :)

You can choose from either PINKU 公主房 or Rocku 搖滾房。
Super lovin' the simplicity of our Rock Room \m/

好好 Good Days Cafe
Opening days: Mon-Sun, 830-2100
While chatting with friends, we once dreamt of having a space
where we could bring both art and healthy living together.
A space for work, for leisure, for friends,
a space where we can hold activities to feed the soul and body.
Someone else materialized my dream right in Taichung :)

The awesome menu looks like a newspaper :)
I love how the food items are categorized according to portion size - 好滿足,好輕鬆。

Some pre-meal drinks to kick start the digestive system :)
I ordered my usual hazelnut latte. It was good coffee.
The set meal also came with a warm cuppa milk with oats.. super tasty and warm to the stomach!
I loved it so much i wish they sell it in singapore!

好滿足 (A) $250
The filling set A came with
a special pork fillet, salad with orange dressing, sunny side ups and homemade bread :D

好輕鬆 (B)
芝麻香糖(sesame) 燕麥胡桃碎(oatmeal walnut crumbs) & 肉桂糖(cinnamon sugar)餅
自己做得幸運草麵包和榛果巧克力醬 (chocolate hazelnut dip)配著吃
Super confusing and cheem mandarin words i didn't even know what i was in for when i ordered Set B
Until it came and i was blown away by the yoghurt..
didn't know such yummy yoghurt toppings can even exist, this makes healthy eating sooo easy!
And did i mention the homemade dip and cinnamon pita was sucha matchmade in heaven?

A Light Meal Set B came with
Yoghurt with fruits & sesame oatmeal walnut crumbs
Homemade bread and cinnamon pita, to be eaten with chocolate hazelnut sauce

The story of how it all began..


想著想著,整個空間,就循著一日[好好]生活縮影, 一區區慢慢浮現。”

Loosely translated;
Last Jun, a bunch of guys were talking about their turning the first floor of their office space
into a place where people could go back to the basics of life.

They dreamt of a day, where they could wake up to a [good breakfast],
then they would talk a stroll to their backyards and give their plants and flowers a [good trim];
in the afternoon, they would flip through their favourite recipe books and have a [good read],
following the instructions, they would then whip up a [good meal]
and have a [good dinner] with their family :)

The Concept of a [good life], is therefore what this space embodies. :)

 A space for gardening in the backyard :)

Daily Cafe 每日咖啡
Opening hours: 930-2300

The beauty is in the details!
A rack filled with little trinkets :) i wonder how tedious is it to clean them everyday...

The cute menu

My iced hazelnut latte and earl grey flavour waffles :)

En route to the toilet in the backyard lies an abandoned carousel..
so random and lovely!


Chun Shui Tang 春水堂

Chun Shui Tang was rumoured to be the inventors of the original bubble tea, so i tried :)
Post lunch snack was mister donut; pon de ring, a favourite since my first donut in taipei years ago..

A stroll along the park outside 誠品書店

Opening hours: 11-2030 (closed on weds)

Conveniently located near a shopping district,
this is the place to be if you fancy some homemade japanese dishes and 飯團 :)

I love how they customized different portions for different consumer groups :)

Super nice fruit tea with apple juice base and biscuit nuts on the side :)

豬肉飯團來咯!One to be eaten by itself, and the other mixed with soup :)

Kiki Restaurant
Mon-Sat 11:30~15:00 / 17:30~23:00
Sun 11:30~15:00 / 17:30~22:00

Look no further for this is one of the best taiwanese restaurant opened by celebrity 藍心湄!
I knew about this restaurant since the first time i was in taipei
and was so psyched about its branch in taichung! 

The following 3 dishes are the MUST-ORDERS!



宮原眼科 Miyahara Ophthalmology Department

Built in the 1920s, Miyahara used to be an Ophthalmology Department,
but well known today for its historical outlook and dawncakes :D

I didn't like it that much because it was a tad too touristy for my liking. 
A perfect place to buy snacks and cakes for friends and family members back home, 
but not somewhere i would recommend you to sit down and have a meal.

The meal here was rather pricey but we were too shagged from the walking and needed a break.
Ordered a fancy named "A Toast to the Past Milk Tea"
Pearls came separately so that they don't harden over time :)

High tea snacks! 
Deep friend ma-e bar, deep fried lotus root & squid ball.


A tip learnt from the trip, 
pre-trip research for food is really important if you don't want to catch yourself wandering around lost. And research must be done in Mandarin, i read a lot of taiwanese blogs because they are much more trustworthy than what you find on google search english :) 

Disclaimer: you don't need to research for night market food, everything is freaking delicious!

Have fun eating! 
Next blog entry, my failed attempt at sight-seeing in Taiwan, thanks to the typhoon! 

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